Platina Jazz - Yume no Tamago from RahXephon

When can you look, into your dreams?
When can you touch the truth of love
So can you feel the voice callin’ you
From far away

Nothing is real in this eternity
Nothing is holy in this innocence
There is no truth, there are no answers
Keep sleeping now

The sky is high, the gorge is deep
I’ve lingered for eternal time
Foretold to find the truth of the world

Ah RahXephon fly me to the music

The dazzling life, now seems far away
The riddle’ss told, but yet the answer waits
I say a prayer and ask which are my ways
Its silent now

A circle closed by quiet songs
Proclaims when it is time to wake
Foretold to find the truth of the world

Ah RahXephon fly me to the music

How does they look, the web of dreams?
A pause that lasts forever

Melancholia by Ichiko Hashimoto

Hashimoto is a genius and RahXephon has not only one of the best stories, but one of the best OSTs I have ever heard.

Life is sorrow, 
Life is beautiful. 

Go down, go down 
It’s¬†so¬†cold, so¬†deep.¬†

Fly across the wind 
Fly over the rainbow 

The teardrops are drifting in the air. 
Melancholic moment. 

Kiss my eyes,
Kiss my cheek. 

Touch my lips, 
Touch my finger. 

Please tell me, tell me 
It’s… endless¬†story.¬†

Life is sorrow, 
Life is beautiful. 

The moonlight is shining in the silence. 
I’ve¬†melted¬†in¬†your life.¬†

Melancholic memories.