The Eternal Tide: Quick Review (SPOILERS)

I’m going to say a little bit on this book now that I’ve gotten over my initial state of pure happiness, and after reading some criticisms of the book.

Things I like:

  • Basically everything
  • More specifically my OTP is canon (FINALLY FFS)
  • Post-Janeway characterization was NOT undone 
  • Q Junior has a purpose for his anomalous existence
  • P/T baby numero dos
  • Socratic Dialogue method for every scene in the Q Continuum
  • Janeway and Chakotaaaaaayyyyyyyyy
  • J ET C

Things I didn’t like:

  • Four fucking ships are you kidding me
  • I didn’t care for her original characters/OCC characters in this book
  • They killed Eden (even though I knew she and Kathryn are basically the same character… but like pero couldn’t she have lived :( …)
  • How is Seven of Nine NOT going to hug Kathryn I thought that was a little silly
  • As nice as the Epilogue was, I feel like it was too happy a scene for Kathryn to be in without dealing first with the trauma of coming back to life, of being “responsible” for billions of deaths, and coming back from being Queen of the Borg.

I basically agree with the reviews criticizing the plot. Kirsten has an incredible hold on the characters, and every scene felt so realistic and true. However the plot of the story had more holes than I could ignore. I think the idea of having an O Continuum is clever, but the knowledge of it is something that I feel is too heavy for the Federation to handle unless they keep it a complete secret. I’m sure any sentient and capable society wouldn’t want their world to end EVER. This particular plot device is WAY too dangerous.

I love Kirsten Beyer, I still owe her my life LOL and I can’t wait to read more of her work. I think the relaunch of Voyager novels has been very successful and I can’t wait until they explore more of the Delta Quadrant :D

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