Probably my most favorite sort of glimpse into how they felt about each other and how Alicia felt around him was in a flashback of The Decision Tree. You see her and Will in NY and they’re out on the balcony and they’d just made love. I think that sums them up. […] I don’t think you ever saw Alicia and Will be truly who they were together when they were alone. You saw some moments of sexual tension and sexual activity in the bedroom, but you never saw her really confess her feelings. So for her to be able to say, “This is the happiest I’ve ever been”—he knows how unhappy she’s been. The audience has never been able to see her truly happy, either. I love that scene because there’s this freedom. They’re in New York City, she’s not worrying about her kids. She’s never put herself first before. She always puts her husband first or her children first, and in that one moment you see her putting herself first, and sharing it with him. I think it was a great moment to build up to the moment she finds out when he died, and why it’s so devastating for her. It’s not just a sexual need. He makes her happy. - Julianna Margulies


TV season 2013-2014 Characters’ deaths: Will Gardner

"It was pretty profound for me to sort of feel like ‘oh, this character touched a lot of people’ and how could I not be moved by that because me, Josh, the actor, at the same time was going through a grieving process as well saying good-bye to people, and a character I had played for four and a half years." Josh Charles